Alanya Dim Cave

The Dim cave is probably around a million years old, is 11 km away from the Alanya town center and located in the picturesque Dim valley. which is a popular picnic place. The cave is 232 m above sea level on the hillside of Cebel mountain and is 360 m long, 10-15 m wide on average. The cave consists of 4 parts with poetic names – Pamukkale Hall, Organ Hall, chandeliers and Hall with Lake. The temperature there remains constant throughout the year at 18 ° C. The cave is open to the public since 1998, there leads the asphalt road. The atmosphere of the cave with stalagmites and stalactites in the grotto and the unique acoustics, similar to decorations of a fantastic film. The visitors can enjoy the cave using the stairs or directly.

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